About the Chickens Here at Bethel Family Farm 


Here at Bethel Family Farm we move the chickens through the grass in order to get a healthy egg, that is full of Omega-3s and other beneficial vitamins and substances. Along with the bugs, grass, and other things they find on pasture, they receive a feed supplement that contains no antibiotics, medications. We try feed only GMO-free grains whenever possible. We like to put them underneath young trees, in order to remove the grass.



Our broilers are raised out on pasture as well. We move them around in portable pens through different areas of the farm. They spend their first couple weeks in a wooden box that is 4'x4' with a heat lamp where they can grow big enough to handle the weather outside. We raise our broilers in a humane way letting them graze and eat bugs along with a feed supplement free of antibiotics, medications, and growth hormones. Like the laying hens we try to feed GMO-Free feed. We process the broilers our self so that we can have full control over the finished product.